Fuji brought it. Olympus , I’m pulling for you.

So, lately there have been a LOT of new camera releases. For a while there, Sony was the only one who had full frame mirrorless cameras on the market. Now, around 4 years later, Nikon and Canon have (finally) introduced their own!

The specs are pretty impressive. Tons of phase detection focus points. 4k video. A lot of boxes are checked off. Canon didn’t add any stabilization in the camera body, but Nikon didn’t add a rotating LCD screen so it’s really just a matter of deciding what features you want, and truthfully…which camera ecosystem you’re already invested in.

So, that is where Fuji comes in. Just announced (as of the time of this blog post) is the XT-3. The earlier XT-2 was already an impressive release in the camera market showing that Fuji wasn’t about to sit on the sidelines (to use a sports reference) and wanted to play with the “big boys”. But the XT-3 takes the specs of the previous iteration of that camera and just adds to it!

This camera has dual card slots (which, by the way, neither the new Canon or Nikon have – so that’s something to consider if that’s important to you.) It included 4k 60fps in video which puts it in a small section of the camera market only really shared with the GH5 and the GH5S in this price range.

There are countless other specs I am not including here (but I suggest that you check for yourself at the links below) – which brings me to…Olympus.

There is a video over on my channel where I mentioned the reasons why I decided to switch from Sony, as my personal camera, to Olympus. I haven’t felt bad about it since. (To be fair, I still rent Sony for paid jobs)

But it’s been a while since Olympus released a follow-up to their amazing EM5 mark 2. (My current camera) – I will be coming out with a review on my channel soon about why, so go ahead and keep an eye out for it, or if you are in the future, go watch it now 🙂

On some rumor sites, they mention that Olympus is, in fact, planning to release a new camera in 2019, which is great news!! 3 things to consider though.

1. There’s talk that it may not be the followup to the EM-5 2 as expected. In fact , there’s discussion that Olympus may be starting a new line of their camera bodies.

2. Others have mentioned they may even change the sensor. (There was talk that it also may be a full frame mirrorless like the others above, and even Panasonic too, on some other rumor sites, but this seems less likely in more recent updates.)

3. The EM10 MARK 3

So, I mentioned the EM 10 mark 3 because as much as they added new features such as 4k , and more focus points, they removed some of the things that photographers loved and made it more general consumer oriented.

This is the reason I didn’t upgrade to the mark 3 and instead chose the EM5 MARK 2 (which I am very happy with) but all this to say…

I hope the first “thing” I mentioned above is true. These rumor sites claim that this new potential camera line will be more video-centric. Now, in some respects, you have to give Olympus credit for their inclusion of ALL-I compression and their 4k being a high bit rate (albeit variable) but Olympus has never really been known as video cameras.

I hope that changes. They are great cameras. I love how they feel in my hands. I love the function buttons. I lobe all the dials. The only other camera that has dials that I find attractive is…Fuji. Olympus, give us what we want from you. We love your 5 axis stabilization.

We love the selection of sharp lenses. Give us 4k 60fps. Give us 200mbps codecs, constant (as opposed to variable) – dual card slots like the EM1 mark 2. If the rumors are true, and this camera is video-centric, I would love you to blow us away.
Add USB-C. Make the preamps amazing for vloggers. Keep the flip-around screen. Add zebras. (If you need any more suggestions, Olympus, I have them) – Give Panasonic and the GH5 a reason to be nervous 😉

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