Davinci Resolve 15 is out!!

Davinci Resolve 15 has been released and wow, what an awesome release it is! Fusion is now integrated for seamless editing and compositing into your footage! (Think about if Adobe After Effects were built right into Premiere, if you’re familiar with those programs!) – Blackmagic also added some new Fairlight FX to make your audio editing processed easier, outlined below:

  • Chorus
  • DeEsser
  • DeHummer
  • Noise Reduction
  • Pitch
  • Reverb
  • and more!

There have been changes made to every workspace, including the delivery page! Everything is intuitive, which saves time! (For example there is a “YouTube” option that applies all the settings that you need to export your movie to YouTube) – Remember, Resolve 15 (non-studio version) is free, so take a peek at the additional items they added below, and give it a try!

Features Blackmagic added SINCE the announcement:

Improved performance when rendering H.264 clips.

Clip names can be added as part of a window burn.

Added support for HTML text formatting in subtitles.

Added support for 2D and 3D title templates.

Subclip extents can now be changed from the Edit timeline.

Dynamic Trim icon has been added to the toolbar with slip and slide indicators.

Audio automation data can now be edited on Fairlight page.

FairlightFX now include presets and customers can now create their own.

Sound libraries can now be created using DaVinci Resolve disk databases.

Initial ResolveFX and OpenFX plugin support has been added to the Fusion page.

New bypass Color and Fusion effects button has been added to all pages.

Fusion compositions can now be copied and applied to additional clips.

MediaIn nodes now let customers modify trim and media properties.

Saver nodes have been added to the Fusion page.

Clip level blanking output is now supported on the Color page.

Nodes can now be assigned custom colors on the Color page.

Compositing images with transparency has been improved.

Optical flow performance has been dramatically improved.

DCTL support has been extended and now supports ResolveFX.

On-screen control for OpenFX and ResolveFX are now more responsive.

Added support for encoding CEA-708 closed captions in MXF OP1a clips.

Added support for encoding EXR clips with alpha channels.

Added support for importing audio clip levels from AAF imports.

New French and Portuguese language localization.

Improved codec and format listing on the Deliver page.

Simultaneous monitoring of SDR and HDR for DolbyVisionTM and HDR10+.

New support for importing audio only AAF timelines.

New support for Final Cut Pro X XML version 1.8.

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